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There is Never a “Right Time”

My New Year's resolution is not a word, nor is it a phrase. It's more of an explanation of how I'm going to care for myself and there's never a "right time" to do that. I haven't used New Year's for real resolutions for quite some time. Stop holding yourself to a level of "just one year." Real purpose can take less time or it can take a really long time. Enjoy the journey!

Hello, It's me! · Life and Lemons · You are not irrelevant

A Rescue that Leads to Drowning

Here is where you learn just how our upbringings and learned behaviors after our childhoods really came into play in our marriage. It was definitely not all sunshine and rainbows. It was a whole bunch of fuck ups and I don't give a damns, but we are still here, still married eleven years later. In this one you might learn to hate Dan, but please don't! He's learning to forgive himself for what he had to do during his traumas, just like myself.

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You are NOT Irrelevant!!

Here I am! Nebraskan, sassy, mom of four daughters who just wants to share in our experiences together. Follow me for more posts, ask me to visit your site, leave a comment, contact me, share your inspiration in life!!!