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We had just had a birthday celebration the weekend prior to my second daughter’s birth, and it was two days after my oldest daughter’s actually birthday.  My husband got to experience the birth of his first daughter on November 21, 2008!  We lived close to some of my family, but not the rest of them.  My parents made the 8 hour trip and it was so nice to have my aunt live so close by as well as my uncle who blessed us with his presence as he was awaiting his first grandbaby!  I can’t tell you want a wonderful experience it was.  So let’s back track a little.

When Dan and I told my parents I was pregnant, we were living with them at the time, getting ready to move out of state and to the other side of Nebraska.  We made dinner.  Dinner consisted of mini weenies, baby corn, baby carrots, some salad and some other things that didn’t exactly pertain to our “baby” surprise, but it was quite hilarious revealing the news.  My mom, my poor mother, was comically thinking to herself, oh good Lord does my daughter know how to cook?  What have I been teaching her?  My dad on the other hand put all of it together rather quickly.  I remember him laughing and clapping and saying out loud, “Oh come on now, you serious?”  My mom is still bewildered at this point and my dad just couldn’t help but laugh and be frustrated at the same time.  She just questioned me ever so politely and my dad interjected with, “Come on lady, baby carrots, baby weenies, baby corn, baby baby baby!”  And maybe this wasn’t exactly how it all played out, but I just remember thinking how hilarious it all was that my mom, who usually catches on pretty quick, didn’t catch on and my dad who sometimes has to have further explanation caught on so quickly.  I don’t know why I find it funny, but I do.  I remember when it was all put together how happy we all were to know there would be more babies in their future, a future my dad never thought he’d have.  And now he has 6 grandkids between the two of their own children.  I think that’s pretty awesome!

Now, I can’t be sure, I never did get any real answers to this, but I suffered physical pain in my belly when I was pregnant with her.  A lot of what the doctor’s explained was that it could be upper round ligament syndrome, or it could have been a small hernia from all the abuse I experienced with my ex husband.  Either way, I remember trying to do dishes and I’d have to lay down on my side just to get it to calm down.  This was during a time when we were much younger and we were so much more social than we are now so there were a lot of events we enjoyed out side of the home so getting comfortable wasn’t happening very often.

I also loved my nurse practitioner who delivered Saige.  Her and her partner who delivered babies were so upbeat and modern and fun.  Our Lamaze classes were so amazing for such a small town.  We were even given the choice of a birthing plan like they do in bigger cities with having doulas (spelling there I’m sure is incorrect).  I could have a water birth if I wanted, I could use the exercise ball (and I did use that), I could squat to have our baby if I felt that was the best way to do it.  We even met some other amazing couples who were all so much closer to giving birth than I was, but hey!  It was all around a good experience!

Now, we did a lot of driving to see family.  In fact, on one of our road trips to visit my brother in law, we were listening to my favorite album on the good ole iPod shuffle by Colbie Callait.  It has a bonus song called, Capri, and it was about a baby, or really her sister/friend named Capri who had a baby.  We both were mesmerized by the song and loved the name Capri.  We knew we wanted her to have that in her name somewhere.  That was what sparked the name debate.  When we hit on the name Paige, I loved it and always have but a lot of people at the time were naming their baby girls Paige.  I didn’t want to follow trends and never really have and neither has Dan.  We played around with Paige starting with other letters and when we got to Saige, we knew that was the name for her.  But was it going to be Capri Saige or Saige Capri?  We decided we’d wait until she was born to figure it out, that is, until we realized Saige Capri just had a ring to it.  So there it was, on that road trip near Big Springs Nebraska that we decided her name would be Saige Capri.

Near the end of my pregnancy, however, I started getting migraines, tooth pain, and a whole lot of belly pain.  It was hard to keep that to a minimum.  I started having fevers randomly and of course, when I got checked out we decided to induce labor that night due to signs of pre-eclampsia.  I called my mom and she and my dad were on their way in a jiffy!  Our friends at the time took Ellie to hang out with them until my parents could pick her up.  At 7pm we checked into the hospital and I was given Cervadil, to help efface the cervix and was to be given Pitocin shortly after.  I didn’t even need the Pitocin.  That Cervadil did the trick and, if I may be frank, that shit made my vagina hurt with every stinking contraction!  Her labor was long and hard all night long.  I was so tired by the time it was time to push.  I couldn’t wait to sleep.  My back hurt so I think as compared to my labor with Ellie, I had more back labor this time.  And it was a no wonder why when she came out.

When she came out, and I kept swearing I needed to push sooner but the nurses kept telling me no, I wasn’t quite there.  Turns out, she was sunny side up and waving her hand at us.  Her hand kept pushing the bag of waters and was what made me feel like I needed to push sooner.  Needless to say, she couldn’t wait to say hi to everyone and she’s been that way since.

She was a fairly easy baby to begin with.  She was always hungry her first week and especially over Thanksgiving.  She wanted to eat damn near every hour!  But once she started sleeping through the night we noticed a really bad cough that would make her lose her breath and gag.  She had RSV and thrush.  It was scary for a while but she got better and started sleeping through the night again.  Every time Dan was on nights I’d have both girls sleep on the bed with me.  I know, I know, I’m going to get the lecture of having babies sleep in the bed, but despite her sleeping in the bed, I wasn’t.  My boobs were like clockwork, have been for all four kiddos.  And I can’t stand sweating either so all the milk production made me sweat and thus, no real sleeping for this mama for quite some time.

When she became a toddler and into preschool phase, she was just like her mama, but a little more bullheaded than I was.  She’d say the darndest things!  Always making everyone laugh like her dad, but clumsy as I’ll get out just like me!  She had a sass about her that’s never left.  Speaking of the darndest things she’d say, one time I took them shopping to find hooks to either screw in the wall, or like a coat rack to hang backpacks and coats on for organization she came home and asked her dad to ask what she had gotten.  Naturally, he asked what?  And she replied, “It’s… a… HOOKER!”  Oh heavens, that is something I will never forget, ever!

She is now a spunky, sassy, loyal, and beautiful ten year old.  She has given us a lot of grief over the years.  She was really hard to get to bed after a certain age.  But she is an amazing friend to her friends!  She picks up on cues no one else realizes.  She had a friend who has mild aspurgers who tends to suck on candy when she gets nervous or excited.  Saige only watched her friend do this a few times but realized why.  And the next time it happened when the candy wasn’t close by, Saige was off to the rescue!  She’s also extremely smart!  She hardly ever gets B’s.  She is a straight A student and that makes this mama who was also a fairly all A student so freaking proud!  She loves books and will read some that are beyond her level of reading just to challenge herself.  She also loves her Librarian.  She gives her notes and poems and short stories so often, her Librarian bought her a little journal to keep and write in until it’s filled and then she gives it to her Librarian.  We have some pretty darn good teachers out here in the boonies!

The best thing about Saige is that she is a wonderful singer!  She has started young and she sings everywhere she goes.  She is not afraid like I was!  She has a knack for singing and once again, this mom couldn’t be more proud.  When she and I run to the store together, we are always jamming out to something!  She challenges me to learn songs I don’t know just so we can sing them together.  And we both love Christmas time and singing all the Christmas songs.  We both love listening to the Disney Channel on Spotify so we can sing all the Disney songs together.  That is our favorite past time together and I will forever cherish her for that!

I worry about her though.  I was always a very thin girl growing up.  My husband was a bigger kid growing up.  She inherited the bigger genes so I pray every day that she never worries about her body and just continues to indulge in the things that bring her joy rather than worry about her body.  You never know, she’s ten, she could grow taller, but it could go the other way too.  Thankfully she has a dad who’s been there and can support her when she needs that.  Of course I’ll support her too but her dad can give her all the good comebacks when she reaches that age where body image becomes a “thang.”

I love my Saige Capri with all my heart!  She brings so much joy to this world and to my life!  I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know her!

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